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Connection vs. Perfection

Updated: Dec 28, 2018

"Wouldn't it be terrible to climb the ladder of success only to find it was propped against the wrong wall?"

-Stephen Covey (7 Habits of Highly Effective People)

How would you feel if, in your pursuit of success, you realized what you thought was the most important area to spend your calories was not the area at all?

Today, as your Chief Encouragement Officer, I want to make sure you never feel that way.  Today you need to know where to spend you calories so you can achieve your ultimate success (however you may define "Success").

It comes down to Connection vs. Perfection.

Too often we obsess about how we we tight was the professional did I good was I in a given situation..and on and on. These are merely focusing on Perfection.

Focusing on Perfection is propping your "ladder of success" against the wrong wall.  

What if you started obsessing on Connection instead?  Connecting to your family, your prospects, your customers, your constituents, your patients, your volunteers, your audience, etc..

Too often we focus our attention on polishing our appearance in hopes others will find our value.  The ultimate irony is, when you focus on how to connect more to others and meet their needs, they will want to spend more time with you, buy more from you, move in the direction you want them to go.

My question to you is, how much time are you spending TODAY thinking about ways to better connect with those you will interact with?  

Use today to begin placing your "ladder of success" against the right wall.  

Today begin an obsession for Connection!

- Jay McChord "Your Chief Encouragement Officer"  McChord Inc. | Spark Academy

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