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Pain Killers vs. Vitamins

What are you offering...a Vitamin or a Pain Killer?

Whatever you sell, whether it be a product, a service, an idea, a budget amendment, a political campaign or a training program, ask yourself the following question, "Is what I am selling a "Vitamin" or a "Pain Killer’ for those who want to "buy"?".

Vitamins are good and needed, but they are hard to sell because people often see them as only a "nice to have" that will incrementally benefit them (maybe).

Pain Killers, on the other hand, are much more powerful because they are desperately needed and wanted.  They are seen as solving a particular person's pain.

So as your Chief Encouragement Officer, I challenge you to consider to position whatever you are selling as a Pain Killer vs. a Vitamin. To do that, you will need to first identify what pain you solve.

If you desire to grow your effectiveness, take the time today to write out the following in detail:

What problems do I solve?

Who needs those problems solved?

How can I let them know I offer Pain Killers for that problem?

How will I articulate what makes me different than everyone else?

Here's to being known as the "go-to" person for curing the most pain in whatever field you are in!

Jay McChord "Your Chief Encouragement Officer"  McChord Inc. | Spark Academy

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