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Tell Me Something Good

"Tell me something good that happened today".

This was how the mother of Bert Jacobs (Founder/ CEO of "Life is Good" brand) started every family meal when Bert and his four other siblings were growing up. He says it was her greatest gift to him...the power of starting a meeting with focusing on the positive.

Bert and his brother went on to create the highly successful brand "Life is Good" that truly tapped into the power of what his mother asked them to articulate each night at dinner. 

As your Chief Encouragement Officer, I would challenge you today to consider "Telling me (and others) something GOOD that happened today."

From now on, look to start every meeting, regardless of whether it is business or personal, by talking about something positive.

This does not mean you ignore the very real problems, concerns or challenges that may not be positive you are dealing with. It simply means that you START your meetings by focusing on something GOOD.

Remember, whatever you give attention to will grow! Consider today giving more of your attention to those good, noble, honorable and positive things in your life!

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