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The Two-Sided (Generational) Coin

Did you know...there are 4 separate generations working side by side in today’s workplace that have created a “generational coin”?

One side of the coin is causing tremendous frustration.  Generations smashing into one another, demanding it “their way” and people not knowing or understanding how to respond to co-workers, customers, prospects, donors, etc.


Traditionals - (born before 1946) are gradually stepping off the stage

Baby Boomers - (born roughly between 1946-1966) are retiring at a rate of 10,000 per day

Gen X - (born roughly between 1966-1981) are bringing a post-modern style to leadership roles

Millennials - (born roughly between 1981-2000) make up the largest cohort in the workplace (soon to be 70% of the entire global workforce in just a few years)

...And, Gen Z is re-writing what it means to engage technology!

All of that leads people to throw up their hands in frustration and retreat into a “safe place” where they hang out with those who have a similar outlook.

Granted, that is one side of the generational coin.  But, if you will flip that coin over you will see something most people do not...OPPORTUNITY!

Those who can navigate the generations will have the highest impact in our culture.  Navigating comes down to understanding who the generations are, what they need and why that is so important to them.

Which side of the coin are you looking at today?  Frustration or Opportunity?

As Your Chief Encouragement Officer I challenge you with the following questions:

How much do you understand about the different generations?

Are you currently being mentored by someone older than yourself AS WELL AS someone younger?

What is the age range of the 5 people closest to you right now?

Where are you going to learn about your opportunity in the multi-generational workplace?

Many of you have been in my live class where we discuss the multiple generations in the workplace and have asked for an online version so you can access it again, make available to your co-workers, family or friends.  Good news!  That is now available at our online academy -

This online course, "Multiple Generation Workplace....Everything is Changing" will give you the tools and the techniques, the skills and the strategies to take your performance, communication, and influence to new levels.  

Not quite ready to jump into the full course?  Get the FREE PDF of 4 Key Insights into below:

Regardless of any course, I'm encouraging you to look at the multiple generations in the workplace as a new opportunity - new things to learn, new ways to look at things and new, exciting, dynamic relationships. 

Here's to a great week full of opportunity!

- Jay McChord "Your Chief Encouragement Officer"  McChord Inc. | Spark Academy

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