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Windshields vs. Rear View Mirrors

Where are You Looking?

Picture yourself driving towards a vacation destination you have anticipated for a long time.

Now, imagine how absurd it would be to spend 90% of your trip looking in your rear view mirror. Seems ridiculous, right? Not to mention, dangerous as well.

Everyone knows you look through your WINDSHIELD to drive TO where you want to go...with only an occasional glance in the rear view mirror. 

So, while it is ridiculous to think about driving using your rear view mirror over your windshield, how many of us spend the majority of our lives "looking back" and analyzing "what happened in our past" vs. focusing on "what IS happening now?" and  "what is AHEAD"?

For some reason, we expend more time, money and energy looking at where we have BEEN instead of focusing on where we are HEADED.

As your Chief Encouragement Officer, I want to challenge you to consider "where you want to go" and then focus 90% of your time, money and energy on looking through your windshield toward that destination -  with only 10% of your focus on occasionally looking in your rear-view mirror.

TODAY is a GREAT day to "look through your windshield" and concentrate on the exciting  destinations ahead!

Here's to a fantastic week and future!

Jay McChord "Your Chief Encouragement Officer"  McChord Inc. | Spark Academy

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