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Keynote Speaker | Trainer | Motivator 

The numbers "8 & 4" are standing in the way of your success


  8 Seconds is the average attention span of people today

  4 Generations - Traditionals, Baby Boomers, Gen-X, and Millenials 
         working together in the workplace all communicating differently


Learn to navigate these headwater issues


Dynamic Training For Your Professional Development

Leadership, Communication, & Sales Skills 


Learn how to have compelling differentiated conversations that move people to action in a one day or half day workshop format.

The Value Messaging Workshop gives you the skills to defeat status quo bias, keep people’s attention in this 8-second world, understand how to communicate, lead and manage in this four generation workplace and differentiate you and your company’s solutions from the competition.

One Day Interactive Workshop Includes:

  • Studying Today’s Trends & Conditions

  • Success Tools for 8-Second Attention Spans

  • Understanding Brain Science & How the Brain Makes Decisions

  • Overcoming the Status Quo Barrier

  • Creating Value & Differentiation

  • Gaining Competitive Advantage

  • Communicating Value

  • Grabbing Attention

  • Using “You” Language

With this workshop:
You will have a competitive advantage and greater relevance in your industry or sphere of influence. You will be able to articulate value quickly and concisely and know how to move your audience, prospect, client or customer to action.

Without this workshop:
You may find your relevance slip dramatically and may lose your competitive advantage, You may find your audience, prospects, customers or clients losing interest in what you have to say. You may see a loss of income, influence and impact.



Ready to find out more?

Jay McChord is a highly requested speaker, trainer, facilitator and consultant to companies, institutions and organizations globally.


Recognized as an authority on the Multi-Generational Workplace, Jay’s high-energy live events and high-value online content have earned him the nickname of “Your Chief Encouragement Officer”.  Jay will give you the tools to successfully navigate the multiple generations -Traditionals, Baby Boomers, Gen-X, Millenials...and the coming Gen-Z generation - which all impact your business.


Jay's passion is to spark and empower teams to communicate differently and effectively in today’s eight second world.  He does this by teaching solid communication, leadership, and relationship skills that equip you and your team to thrive in today’s marketplace.


Jay brings a unique perspective to his sessions as a former Global Senior Sales Trainer for a multi-billion dollar international technology company, an elected official, published author and military artist. Jay’s connection to each audience ignites energy, enthusiasm and passion.   


Jay and his wife, Jennifer, have two children, Riley and Davis, and make their home in Lexington, KY.