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The following topics and trainings are the most requested for keynote speeches, leadership, sales & management training sessions, and customer events, as well as small group and individualized coaching.  These sessions can be customized to range from 30 minutes to full day training sessions, depending on your objectives.

Jay’s positive energy is contagious…I’ve never been more excited attending a training class.


Relevant Leadership: Knowing the Times & Knowing What to Do

There are now three unique “headwinds” challenging your success: 

  • The ongoing impact of a global pandemic.

  • People have the shortest attention spans in history (8 seconds… or less!).

  • More generations are working side by side than ever before (up to 5 separate generations in some cases).


Each one of these “headwinds” taken individually would be enough to confuse, frustrate and challenge any leader, but taken in combination they have created dynamics never before dealt with.


This session equips emerging and existing leaders alike to seize opportunities the pandemic created. If you want to learn how to communicate more concisely across all five generations, this session’s for you!

Successfully Identifying & Articulating Your Differentiation & Value

The number one factor between success and failure most often is your ability to identify, and then articulate, your value and what makes you different from your competition.


This session provides a simple and replicable four-step system to identify and then articulate differentiation. It also provides practical and tactical tools to become a highly effective communicator in today’s short attention-span workplace.

Leading, Communicating & Selling in Times of Chaos

Our times are truly chaotic. But regardless of how chaotic they may be, you are still responsible for leading, communicating and selling effectively.  


This session takes an in-depth look at the dynamics making up our current chaotic work environment and then provides simple and replicable ways to turn that chaos into a competitive advantage right now.

Move Any Audience to Action… Live or Virtually

Whether your audience is one-on-one or one-on-many, live or virtual, your responsibility is to connect to that audience and to then move them to action.


This session focuses on the two primary motivators that consistently move people to action and how to use those motivators to connect and move any audience.  


If you are looking to increase your influence, this session is for you!

Professionalism in the Virtual Environment

The pandemic forced countless professionals to work remotely. And while the new remote workers were learning utilitarian skills like how to host a meeting, record a meeting and share the screen, NO ONE was training those same people on how to be a professional inside the virtual environment. 


Because of that lack of training, many professionals are making mistakes that are costing them and their organizations.


This session focuses on the characteristics and practices of being a professional inside the virtual environment. 


  • How to maintain your audience’s attention. 

  • How to stay connected when talking one on one. 

  • Appropriate attire guidelines so as to never send the wrong message. 

  • Length of meetings.

  • When to start and when to finish.

  • And much more.


If you and/or your team do any work virtually, this session is a must!

Whether commanding the stage in front of the community’s top leaders or captivating the room where he is keynoting, Jay always delivers and inspires!


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