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There are three monster headwinds that have come together to form “The Perfect Storm of Chaos” today...

Each would be detrimental enough on its own, but all three working in combination have created times of tremendous chaos and danger for anyone who is or aspires to be a leader. 

  • The COVID pandemic - and its ongoing aftershocks. 

  • Shortest attention spans in history (8 seconds… or less).

  • More generations are working side-by-side than ever before.


Many of us find the boats of our personal and professional lives blown side to side, taking on water rapidly. Success lies out in deeper waters where winds and seas are calmer. But HOW do we get there—and get there with all our boats intact? 

Jay McChord will help you and your team, company or organization become people marked as “knowing the times and knowing what to do.” The times are chaotic and the headwinds are strong, but Jay will highlight solutions and give you practical, easy-to-implement solutions to help move your individual boat and your team’s boat out to calmer waters. 

If you are a business owner, head of recruiting, or sales leader, Jay is who you need working with your organization right now! Jay is THE most effective trainer and coach for teaching you and your team how to lead and communicate more effectively in this multi-generational workplace.


Speaking & Training


Keynote Sessions (Live, Virtual & Hybrid)

20 minutes to 90 minutes


Workshop/ Breakout Sessions (Live, Virtual & Hybrid)

90 minutes to 3 hours

Training Development & Delivery (Live and/or Virtual)

Creating new content for customized training. This content can be delivered by the client or by Jay McChord depending upon need. 

Train the Trainer Sessions (Skills & Effectiveness with Audiences)

This session equips existing and aspiring trainers to distinguish themselves as “go-to” resources in the classroom and wow their students. This session provides the tools to build exciting and engaging curriculum, and also develops the trainer’s confidence in delivering their curriculum.


Presentation Coaching (One-On-One or Group)

Jay McChord will work with you as an individual or a small group of up to 6. This training will cover not only the foundational skills of effective presentations, but also the inside secrets of how to connect to any audience and then move that audience to action!

Professional Development Coaching (Live and/or Virtual)

Jay McChord has developed a professional development curriculum for professionals across every industry. This curriculum is for anyone looking to quickly improve their leadership, communication, and/ or sales skills. This curriculum is designed to “shorten your runway to success.”

Executive Coaching (Live and/or Virtual)

Leaders today have challenges that have never existed before: the ongoing effects of the pandemic, shortened attention spans, and more generations working side-by-side than ever before.  This coaching is expressly designed for existing and emerging leaders alike to exponentially improve their leadership skills amid all these challenges.


Meeting/Group Facilitation (Live, Virtual & Hybrid)

Jay McChord has become a highly requested professional facilitator and moderator for groups, organizations and companies who need third-party assistance for their next meeting, off-site, retreat, panel session or live event.

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