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  • The average attention span of someone today is merely 8 seconds!


  • There are four separate generations in today’s workplace—all communicating very differently!


  • Given these challenges, becoming an excellent communicator will not happen by luck or by even “doing what you have done before.”


  • Individuals achieve higher results when being pushed in a focused team environment


A recent study (published by DDI) showed very high percentages of those assuming new leadership roles are now demanding EXTERNAL coaching rather than manager coaching.


Where will you get your coaching and training to become the most effective communicator possible?


Imagine being a part of a small group of talented individuals focused on achieving higher performance through stronger communication skills and being mentored by a world class personal presentation coach.


What if that coach was someone who had pitched billion dollar business deals along with sharing the speaking stage with thought-leaders like Stephen Covey?


How high could your personal and professional performance go if you were a part of a group like that?


That is exactly what Jay McChord's Mastermind Group is designed to do for you!

Mastermind groups are an accountability and coaching group of no more than 6 people who spend 6 weeks together virtually learning and practicing new techniques ........  (NEED MORE DESCRIPTIVE INFO Here and a way to sign up to be part of the "waiting list"?  

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