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"What is better than "Better?"  One of my favorite authors/ speakers, Sally Hogshead asks this question. The answer is,"Being DIFFERENT!"

Consider this scenario:

You, along with 99 other applicants, are vying for a scholarship to a prestigious university. Each of you carries a straight "A" average. How can you earn that scholarship when all 100 applicants have the same GPA? The only way you earn the scholarship is by being DIFFERENT than the others.

In your line of work, how many times have you heard, "We are so different from our competition" or "We are uniquely different in our market" or "It's all about our differentiation"?

While everyone says these types of things, I would ask you, “Do you REALLY stand out?” If you think you do, can you articulate (exactly) how you are different?  And then going one step further, can your prospects/ customers see and understand that difference?

Today, as your Chief Encouragement Officer, let me challenge you to take 30 minutes or more (with no distractions) and honestly answer the following questions:

  • What is truly unique to me (or about me)? What experiences, expertise, or education do I have that others do not?

  • What is important to my "audience" (whether that audience be prospects/ customers/ colleagues/ etc)?  How can I deliver those specific things to them?

  • How can I prove or defend my uniqueness?  (certifications, awards, testimonials, etc) 

Once you have answered these questions, you are well on your way to "turning the volume up" on who you really are and the value you bring!

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