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Shared Wisdom is a Powerful Force!

My first boss, Larry, might have been the smartest man I ever knew. He was extremely wise, full of common sense and he had profound sayings that he shared often with his team.  Some of these sayings I use to this day. 

Here are two of Larry’s best:

“Your best quality can be your worst quality.”

This phrase speaks to how your biggest strength can also be your biggest weakness.  This is true in my own life as one of my best qualities is that I’m a big thinker and love to cast vision for others to see things from 30,000 feet.  While that is a strength, it is also a weakness, as oftentimes I do not see the details. And many times, details determine success or failure.

“Some money ain’t worth making.”

Not all money made is equal. Some money comes with trouble, heartache or simply too many strings attached and just isn’t worth making.  Over the course of your life, how often have you found that some money just isn’t worth it?

Larry’s phrases continue to resonate and have huge impact on me. So much so, I use them often with those I teach and mentor, as well as with my own family. 

As your Chief Encouragement Officer, I would like to ask you to take a few minutes and list out 1 to 5 statements, questions or quotes that have profoundly impacted you. Write out those wise phrases you use and you might be able to pass along to others?   

After listing them out, take a minute and consider, when was the first time you heard that particular phrase?  Who shared it with you? Why was it so profound? What does it mean to you today versus when you first heard it?

Once you have your phrases, where they came from and what they mean to you, I challenge you to find someone to share those with who may never have heard them before.

Shared wisdom is a power force. Here’s to sharing the wisdom you have with others who need it!

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